The 2013 Start Small Win Big challenge has closed. Stay tuned for the winners in the August 2013 issue of SUCCESS!

Find Inspiration from Last Year's Winners

Fear of Rejection was holding me back.

2012 Start Small, Win Big Grand Prize Winner

Fit on the Fly founder Tami Provost began SUCCESS' Start Small, Win Big small business challenge with $52 in her business checking account. "I had confidence in the need for my service and my ability to deliver, but I lacked the ability to articulate my mission to potential clients—it was crippling," Provost says. "Fear of rejection was also holding me back. This Challenge helped me overcome the fear by offering me real-world, simple steps to follow as well as helping me set goals." ... continue reading

Growing my business has been a lot of trial and error.

2012 Start Small, Win Big Runner Up

When he started after graduating from Marquette University in 2011, Richie Burke and Jeremy Bemis, who is now vice president of sales, took an unconventional approach to launching a dot-com company. "I was going door to door trying to get businesses on board before I had a website to show them," says Burke, one of the two runners-up in the Start Small, Win Big Challenge ... continue reading

Our commodity is time.

2012 Start Small, Win Big Runner Up

Why would an architect leave a stable job at an established firm to launch his own venture in an inhospitable economic environment? The company's name says it all, according to integrity/Architecture PLLC founders Joey Nolasco and Joe Rasnick. "The name kind of creates its own sense of accountability," Nolasco says of the Lexington, Ky.-based architecture firm, launched in November 2011 ... continue reading